Life Insurance


Me and Maria

My friend Maria recalled an episode sometime in the 70’s.
She was visiting with me when an insurance man called at the house trying to sell me life insurance. The well-dressed sales man tried his best to convince me how I need this peace of mind, should I die, to guarantee a proper burial . To which I replied: I don’t need that! Just put me in a garbage bag and put me on the curb! Goodbye! The poor man tried to argue his point, how this was not possible as I closed the door on him.



I am obsessive

Not your “death do us part” obsessive

Rather a “shoot your wad” obsessive

The subject becomes obsolete

When a new obsession comes to greet

I relish with insatiable desire

I bathe in that lovely mire

Engulfed and nearly suffocated

Happily and willingly subjugated

I follow and I hoard

Nothing goes unexplored

I push and I pull

‘til saturated and full

Ingest and regurgitate

Too impatient to wait

I want it all and now

Balancing on this prow

I nearly fall

Just because I want it all

And when it is all mine to keep

No further shall I seek.

Then the subject becomes obsolete

and a new obsession comes to greet