Window of perfection

That window of perfection, so small, brief and elusive

Almost invisible it begs for your detection

You can’t see it when you’re in it but it’s obtrusive

It gnaws at you with its sheer perfection

You aspire to make it last longer but it’s already gone

You gasp as it slips through your fingers

But only knowing it once was makes you strong

It’s that futile yearning that nervously lingers

Where did it go, why didn’t I relish it more?

Would I feel different had I know that moment was gone forever

Was I looking in the wrong places or wondering what was it for?

There is no answer because it’s bound to happen again

Then I better take note, or is it happening right this very moment?

Maybe not now, but there is no telling when

Just be aware of this precious component

Happiness lies not in repetition

Experiences most be enjoyed with eyes open


My Star of Bethlehem

Just like the star over Bethlehem

This star is telling me something 

For weeks it’s been shining so bright

Catching my eye

Leaving me to wonder

Is this my star of Bethlehem?

Yes, this star

Holds me in its gaze

So bright

Like a sign


What does it say?


Just you…. just me

Just you…. just me

On this fragile vessel

Every tip and slight turn

Throws this compass in a whirl

As if gravity is cheating you

The balance is compromised

By the slightest of slights

There is no oar to speak of

Or at least we can’t find one

There is only the moon and the sun

I stand on the prow

Faithful but uncertain

This doubt is really hurting

Will we make it to shore?

Or just float around aimlessly

Just you…. just me


Oh how I bathe so comfortably in this pool of melancholy
Once I am used to its lonely temperature I don’t want to leave
This feeling of dread feels like home to me
I know few will understand and most will disagree
But this pool of discontent is all mine
For me to hold true, for me to call divine
I relish my labored existence
With an almost fervent persistence
And when I come out to the other side
Where the sun shines and all feels right
I have forgotten all that ails me and you
There’s nothing else for me to do
But look straight ahead and not behind
To forget the anguish and embrace the kind

Life Insurance


Me and Maria

My friend Maria recalled an episode sometime in the 70’s.
She was visiting with me when an insurance man called at the house trying to sell me life insurance. The well-dressed sales man tried his best to convince me how I need this peace of mind, should I die, to guarantee a proper burial . To which I replied: I don’t need that! Just put me in a garbage bag and put me on the curb! Goodbye! The poor man tried to argue his point, how this was not possible as I closed the door on him.